Web tools

CNGBdb accepts biological data such as projects, samples, experiments, nucleic acid sequences, sequence variations, annotated sequences, and other supporting data through the corresponding portal.

Speciment management system

Public data of CNGBdb are available for downloading. You can download custom datasets directly on the CNGBdb FTP site or by using common download tools such as FileZilla.


Based on the underlying data, CNGBdb builds a distributed high-performance computing platform, and deploys application services such as BLAST, Cancer Data Analysis, Pathogen Identification.


Visualization is designed to visualize the biological data of CNGBdb using multiple visualization techniques, including the visualization of genomes, transcriptome, proteome and so on.

Speciment database

Scientific Research Application Databases contains various topic databases such as cancer, population polymorphism, biodiversity, microorganisms to meet the needs of researchers in different areas and enhance the data value.

Data Access

Data Access provides users with the services of approval, authorization, and distribution of controlled data. Whether data is authorized for access is determined by the data owner/organization.

Core technologies & Facilities

Automated sample deep freezing storage and management systems: Brooks Life Science Systems (Brooks BioStoreTM II -80 Celsius & SampleStoreTM II -20 Celsius)

A high-throughput automated seed viability testing system: LemnaTecTM Scanalyzer

Advanced Plant factory system providing a computerized-control cultivation environment

Plant tissue culture and Cryopreservation systems

Microbial Identification platform: MALDI Biotyper system

Specimen information management system (SMS)


High performance computing system (HPC) and big data storage and analytical systems